Pokémon Wishlist

~If any of these images are yours and you want them replaced, please let me know!~

Things you should know:

  • I live in the UK but am willing to trade and buy internationally.

  • I am not very fussed about tags and slight wear, especially for rarer items <3

  • I mainly collect trading cards and plush, but I'll also consider other items for; Drifloon, Drifblim, Raichu, Mimikyu.

  • I don't have much interest in flats alone, but feel free to offer alongside non-flat items, you may tempt me!

  • I really appreciate links to sales, eBay listings etc!

  • Holds are my best friend ^^'

That said, thank you for checking out my wants/wishlist!

~Most Wanted!~
TOMY Mimikyu Plush x3
(apparently released January 2017)

~Most Wanted!~
Jakks Drifloon Plush

ANY Jakks Mystery Dungeon Plush
(including those not picture above)

Pokémon Center Drifloon Canvas Plush

Jakks Drifblim Plush

Pokémon Center Swirlix Pokédoll
Pokémon Center Sandile Plush

Jakks Sandile Plush

Pokémon Center Alolan Raichu Pokémon Doll

TOMY Shaking Goomy Plush

Pokémon Center Shaking Joltik Plush

TOMY Shaking Zygarde Plush

Pokémon Center DX Dedenne Pokédoll

Pokémon Center Stunfisk Cushion

Pokémon Trading Cards
ESPECIALLY Electric/Lightning Type

I also like;
Awake Kuttari Plush
Jakks Plush
Electric Pokémon
Ghost Pokémon
Wearable Items (Hats, Bags, etc)